Thursday, 25 October 2012

Literary Rant

So. Blogging mark 2.

Its been exciting times over the last few days. Summed up thus: essays, drunkeness, 4 way conversations, chinese take outs, late night gossip, visiting Ikea and the Roman World 1A.

Exciting times.

So I wanted to talk about this play I studied for English Literature- "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett.

A classic example of Absurdist Drama. I enjoyed it but then again I must say the whole concept of evertthing is pointless and nothingness does not really appeal...

I just felt that while it was certinaly interesting it just was so frustrating and pointless- why can they not just take it upon themselves to leave and stop waiting for Godot??? They keep forgetting what they are doing and talk about stupid things.



I dont see the point.

Literary rant over.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Life, Love and Happiness

So. Blogging. I like to write. To infom people a little what it is to be me. Life is full of beautiful happenings and I want to share them.

"We are infinite"- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Beautiful film. It was much sadder then I'd anticipated- I cried for the last half hour of it. But worth it.

Im so bad for crying at films, I really have to stop. Its just, even though  I know its not real, I can't help getting emotionally connected to them. I'm just an emotional person I guess.

I've got too much love for my own good.

But it makes life worth living.

I love incredibly nostalgic things. The good cliches of life. Except that they're cliches for a reason. Like that moment you stand there in the pouring rain and it just cleanses your body- it's almost as though it needs the moisture. Or when you're kissing on a beach at sunset and you could just hold that moment forever. You savour the tastes and sounds and smells and its just too good to be true and yet it is. Or when the autumn sun shines on the buildings and everything is illuminated and heavenly.

The happiest feeling in the world. You could survive on that one fleeting moment for a lifetime.

And for me, I try to not let that feeling ever stop.